DAB+ Radio: What is it and why should I jump on the digital radio train?

DAB radio is quickly becoming the number one choice for any and every radio enthusiast- as of July 2022, 72.2% of digital listening is DAB Radio!

DAB radio stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting radio. It is a type of radio broadcasting technology that allows for the digital transmission of radio signals over airwaves. Unlike traditional analogue radio broadcasting, DAB radio uses digital signals to transmit audio, which results in better sound quality, more stations, and additional information being transmitted, such as artist and song information.

What’s the difference between DAB & FM Radio?

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and FM (Frequency Modulation) radio are two different types of radio broadcasting technologies. The main differences are:

Sound Quality: The sound quality from DAB radio will knock your socks off! By using digital signals, DAB radio is less prone to interference and noise compared to FM signals.

Number of Stations: Whether you like sports, music or radio dramas, DAB radio offers listeners a wider variety of programming.

The latest info: Gone are the days when listeners simply want minimal information and DAB radio is keeping up with the public’s growing curiosity. From song information to weather reports, DAB radio keeps the listeners aware of what’s happening.

Reception: It’s no secret that when the weather interrupts a radio broadcast at your favourite part of the song, it’s frustrating to say the least.  DAB radio signals are more reliable and consistent compared to FM radio signals. This means that listeners can enjoy uninterrupted listening experiences without the need to adjust their antenna or tuner.

Availability: As it stands, FM radio is more widely available compared to DAB radio. Unsurprisingly, DAB radio is becoming more and more popular and stations making transitioning to digital broadcasting.

In summary, while both DAB and FM radio provides access to radio programming, DAB radio provides better sound quality, more stations, additional information, and better reception, while FM radio is more widely available.

Ok, you have my attention…

DAB radio has several advantages over traditional radio broadcasting. One of the main advantages is the ability to transmit more stations in a given frequency band, which allows listeners to access more stations and a wider variety of programming. DAB radio also provides better sound quality, as digital signals are less prone to interference and distortion compared to analogue signals.

Additionally, DAB radio allows for the transmission of additional information alongside the audio stream, such as song titles and artist information, which can enhance the overall listening experience.

DAB radio is more energy-efficient compared to traditional analogue radio broadcasting. This is because digital signals require less power to transmit and do not require the same level of maintenance as analogue signals.

Overall, DAB radio provides several benefits over traditional analogue radio broadcasting, including improved sound quality, more stations, additional information, better reception, and energy efficiency.

I’m in!

Since we launched in 2012 with our signature DAB radio range, Majority has been focused on high quality at an affordable audio.

Take a look at our top picks for DAB+ Radios:

Majority Histon Digital Radio

Small but mighty, the Majority Histon Compact DAB & FM Radio is the perfect companion for listeners on the go. Its compact size with mono speakers makes it ideal to bring the party with you wherever you go. With 20 presets, wake up with Histon’s excellent sound quality or relax at the end of a busy day with your favourite local radio stations. Plus, with a headphone connection, the slim and sleek lightweight radio is a great addition to a weekend camping trip or a day at the beach.

Majority Barton Digital Radio

Wake up to your favourite radio stations using the twenty presets in style with the Majority Barton DAB Digital Radio. From the latest sports commentary to film reviews on premiere night, the Barton offers a wide variety of digital, DAB, DAB+ and FM stations instantly by simply tuning the station dial. Finished in a sleek retro design, the Barton delivers quality sound from its mono speakers, so you blast out your favourite sounds to whatever room you’d like!

Majority Eddington Portable Compact DAB+ Radio

Blast out your favourite sounds wherever you go with the Majority Eddington DAB Bluetooth Radio. With mono speakers for an uninterrupted audio experience, the Eddington delivers a wide range of local DAB & FM radio stations, perfect for taking with you wherever you go. Ready to bring the music festival with you wherever you go, the Eddington’s Bluetooth connectivity plays all your favourite playlists for a true musical event.

Majority Oakington Bluetooth DAB+ Radio Music System

Blending classic with contemporary, the Majority Oakington DAB Radio & CD Player will be blasting your favourite sounds from day to night. Completed with a wooden finish and aluminium front, is designed for ease of use with its handy remote control for relaxed listening. With a built-in CD player for your favourite music or audiobook of the week, the Oakington is ready to upgrade your audio experience with a range of connections including USB, AUX and Bluetooth. Delivering a wide range of local FM & DAB radio plus Bluetooth, you’ll be spoiled for choice with sports commentary, political news, chat shows and podcasts across the airwaves.

Majority Quadriga Bluetooth Internet & DAB+ Radio Music System

Surround yourself with a new depth of audio with the Majority Quadriga 2.1 120W Music System. Experience every aspect of radio across the Internet, DAB & FM from Seoul to Seattle. Simply search by continent, country, genre, and station name and soon you’ll be connecting to over 25,000 Internet radio stations to explore a wide range of listening! Take a break from the radio and enjoy physical media with the built-in CD Player. From the best of Paul McCartney to the latest Beyonce album, sit back and enjoy music in its purest form. Step back into the 21st century and explore every corner of Spotify straight from the Spotify Connect App. Use your phone as a remote control and tune into Pop, Rock, Indie and more. Looking for fitness inspiration? Want tips to set up your own business? If you’re more entrepreneur podcasts than electronic music, tune the dial to the Podcast Player and surround yourself with podcasts from wherever you like. From a Moulin Rouge Medley on DAB Radio to Shakira’s hip-shaking hits on Spotify Connect, with the powerful built-in subwoofer, the Majority Quadriga is a complete game-changer. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, or your home gym needs an audio upgrade, experience clear and crisp bass for every occasion.

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