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Whether you’re travelling, hitting the festivals or need a phone for emergencies, the F100 is the ideal phone for all occasions. The F100 offers extra-long battery life, a compact design and a whole host of features such as Bluetooth, media player, dual SIM compartments and much more.  It also comes with simple and easy-to-use buttons so you can text and call when and wherever.

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There when you need it

What’s worse than when you’re out and about and you lose or break your smart phone? With the F100, you can take this lightweight and simple phone with you anywhere knowing that your expensive smart device is safe at home. So if you’re at the music festivals this summer, holidaying abroad or out hiking in the wilderness, you can still text and call in a crisis with the F100. The extra-long battery life also means the F100 is perfect for keeping in the car in case of breakdowns or emergencies. 

Business or pleasure

The Oakcastle F100 comes with dual SIM compartments so you can use it for both your personal and professional life. Simply insert your work and personal SIMs into the back of the phone and use the built-in controls to switch between the two. You can also play games, music and FM radio which can be enjoyed through the built-in speaker or through your own sound system via Bluetooth. You can also add up 32GB of storage with the Micro SD card slot.


Text & Calling


Headphone Jack

Dual SIM & Micro SD Card Slot

Portable & Rechargeable

Media & Games

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Model No.OC-F100-MOB-BLK
Dimensions10.5 x 4.7 x 1.2 cm
Weight0.68 kg
Supported MediaMidi, AAC, MP3, AVI, JPG, PNG, 3GP
Battery600mAh Lithium
Internal Storage32 MB
ScreenColour LCD
Dimmable DisplayYes

8 reviews for F100

  1. Elizabeth Cox

    Hi I wish to update my reveiw previously I said I was struggling to get the back off the phone but looking on the oakcastle website they showed a diagram of how and were to enable you to take the back off it is a bit difficult at the few 1st attempts but with the help of the disgram picture I finally managed it . Thankyou I look forward to using my phone.

  2. Matty Coleman

    Superb little mobile phone. Absolute bargain.

  3. Sam Williams

    Top phone

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