Say Happy Mother’s Day with the Majority Little Shelford

How to give the best Mother's Day gift during lockdown.

Mother’s Day this year will be one for the books, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate from afar while we’re still in lockdown. The Majority Little Shelford Portable Bluetooth Radio noted for its impressive sound quality and retro classic look is enjoying its time in the limelight in the runup to the big day with several media outlets listing them as gift ideas for the special mother in our lives.

The List

With the normal Mother’s Day haunts on hold until after lockdown, celebrating Mothering Sunday is a teensy bit different this year. With home comforts stretching to your favourite home entertainment devices for the ultimate domestic theatre set-up, The List, have featured Majority Little Shelford as their pick for a tech gift this Mother’s Day.

“For every radio sold, Shelford plant a tree, with over 61,000 planted already”

Shouting out The Little Shelford as the perfect wake-up for a mother to start her day with a cup of coffee, The List talks all about the classic-looking radio’s Bluetooth connectivity and Majority’s dedication to building the Majority Forest.

Mummy’s Diary

Video Link: The Little Shelford Radio – YouTube

“I love this radio; it is perfect for listening to my favourite bands in the kitchen whilst washing the dishes”

Instead of traditional brunch with a glass of bubbly to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, 2021 marks the year Mother’s Day will be living room discos and perhaps a three-course take-away in your favourite pyjamas. Katie from Mummy’s Diary, a self-confessed fan of the living room disco posted a glowing review of the Majority Little Shelford Portable Bluetooth Radio.

“I was really impressed with the sound quality. Even when the volume is turned right up the sound is still crisp and clear”

Highlighting the Little Shelford as the ideal Mother’s Day gift for the gift of song and dance, Mummy’s Diary was impressed by its range attributes from the fun and vintage aesthetic in an assortment of colours including Duck Egg and Midnight Blue to its easy set-up for your favourite tunes. Not only is it perfect for a kitchen party, but the Little Shelford’s portability also makes it ideal for travelling- Mummy’s Diary intends to take the Little Shelford n the road for a family camping trip this year!

“For every radio purchased Majority will also plant 1000 trees in your name! Your own little forest to help the planet”

Not only can you mark such an infamous Mother’s Day with quality sound, for every product we sell, Majority plant 1000 trees in your name so why not give the gift of nature and grow a forest for your mum this year!

Mudpie Fridays

With March in full force, Mudpie Fridays, a parenting and travel blog, featured the Majority Little Shelford as one of their top gifts for Mother’s Day 2021. Noting how it perfectly fits the busy mum who has a passion for podcasts, The Little Shelford range of colours makes for a stylish choice for the tech-savvy mother.

“The Majority Little Shelford’s classic-looking vintage design and wide range of features make it perfect for every setting”

Complete with Bluetooth connectivity to play your favourite playlists, the FM & DAB/DAB+ radio proves that quality can be affordable!

Playdates & Runways

“The Majority Little Shelford’s classic-looking vintage design and wide range of features make it perfect for every setting”

Living in and out of lockdown, it can be easy to forget what day of the week, let alone which month we’re on. Needless to say, the sight of Mother’s Day being just around the corner, it will come as a surprise to a lot of us. Ready to offer a helping hand for last-minute shoppers, Playdates & Runways, a lifestyle and family blog, collated their favourite gifts for every kind of mum during the lockdown. Among their top choices, the Majority Little Shelford Portable Radio was featured as the only tech recommendation.

Named the perfect gift for the Nostalgic Mum, the Little Shelford’s classic design is highlighted for its vintage-style features and portability with a leather-look carry handle. Between the DAB+ and FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity, the Little Shelford offers a variety of media from the latest radio plays to your own playlists. Whether your mum wants to relax to a call-in radio show or listen to the music on the go, the Little Shelford makes the picture-perfect Mother’s Day gift on a budget!

Tippy Tupps

“Functional, cute and with a beautiful vintage design, The Majority Little Shelford’s radio is nothing short of adorable”

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Tippy Tupps reviewed the Majority Little Shelford portable radio highlighting its impressive sound and great connectivity. 

Majority Little Shelford is available to buy from Amazon, Maplin’s, JD Williams, Curry’s & Studio.