Majority K2 Sound bar and Subwoofer Review by Entertainment Focus

Entertainment Focus reviewed the Majority K2 Soundbar Subwoofer for its high quality and bargain price.

“Majority is planting a tree in the name of every person that buys one, so not only are you getting a bargain, you’re helping out the planet too”

Entertainment Focus, offering news, reviews and interviews across Film, Music, Gaming and many more, featured a flattering review of the Majority K2 Sound bar and Subwoofer.

“The sound is vastly better than playing records through my TV and it creates a really rich, room-filling sound that is incredibly impressive”

Under the subheading “The affordable soundbar is more impressive than you’ll expect”, Entertainment Focus, highlights how easy it is to set-up the soundbar and subwoofer, in their case using the optical cable provided. Ideal for a movie night, the K2’s sound settings between Movie, Music and Dialogue allowed for uninterrupted audio and impressive quality of music via Bluetooth, AUX and USB connection.  Offering a step-up in sound quality from TV and computer speakers, the K2, including an easy-to-use remote control, proves quality can be affordable.