The Sound of the Majority Forest

How you help combat climate change with Majority.

How many of us hold onto our Harry Potter memories fondly when the Whomping Willows came out to play? Did you have a neighbour or family member whose apple tree was your ticket to a delightful autumn pie before school started again? Whether we knew it or not, the environment played a heart-warming role in many of our lives, but the presence of forestry bioenergy fuel and deforestation means there are now less and less trees across the globe.

Mangrove-planting in Madagascar (Source: Eden Reforestation Projects)

With the focus throughout the pandemic being on supporting the healthcare sector using products and services generated from the forestry sector, deforestation has seen a further hit in the battle against climate change. Aside from providing an income for many living in rural areas, forests ease climate change by removing approximately a third of the global greenhouse gas emissions each year. With nearly the entire world in some form of lockdown, the global crisis represents the chance to shift to a sustainable and greener economy allowing society to withstand pandemic, climate change and other global economies by supporting the environment.

Planting Responsibly in Bosawas, Nicaragua (Source: Eden Reforestation Projects)

All of us at Majority want to see a green-favoured light at the end of this Coronavirus tunnel, which is why we’re partnering with Ecologi to continue the fight against climate change and create the Majority Forest. To support Ecologi’s mission to plant one billion trees, for every product we sell, we’ll be planting a tree on Ecologi’s and their tree planting partner The Eden Reforestation Projects sites in MadagascarNicaragua and Mozambique in the Majority Forest. As of February 2021, the Majority Forest has seen over 130,000 trees planted, 1.94 tonnes of CO2 removed in Guatemala and 15.73 tonnes of CO2 removed in Uganda.

Shop! In the name of trees…

While you’re enjoying your surround sound in your living room, garden or maybe your local park, the Majority Forest will be expanding to help the fight against the Climate Crisis.  An aspiring musician, poet or podcaster? Start performing your work about deforestation with our industry ready microphones. Film buff? Whether you’re a Star Wars warrior or Marvel Comics fanatic, while you’re enjoying flawless audio, pick out your superhero name to honour the tree that was planted in the tribute of your soundbar.

Majority K2 Bluetooth Soundbar & Subwoofer

Let’s spread the sound of nature

Whether you’re chilling out on your balcony/back garden or you want to bring the energy of the great outdoors to self-isolation, music is a show-stopping way to embrace the sounds of the Majority Forest. Check out our favourite nature-inspired tunes to keep you going through lockdown 3.0.

  1. Earth Song by Michael Jackson
  2. The Lakes by Taylor Swift
  3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  4. Fall on Me by R.E.M.
  5. Spirit by Beyonce
Majority Oakington DAB+ Radio Music System

Ready to get green-fingered? Head over to Ecologi to hear all about their projects.

Whether you’re listening to podcasts on the go, working out to some old school rock and roll or living out your warrior dreams as a gamer, we want to know all about your Majority experience. Drop us a message below to tell us which Majority product you have to support the fight against Climate Change.

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