The Majority Forest hits 400,000 trees!

“Trees are as close to immortality as the rest of us ever come.”― Karen Joy Fowler

It’s no secret that Majority is dedicated to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral audio brand. As part of our plan to be a climate positive workforce, we partnered with Ecologi to continue the fight against climate change by growing the Majority Forest. For every product we sell, we plant a tree on Ecologi’s tree planting sites in Madagascar, Nicaragua, and Mozambique.

Since joining forces in January 2021 with Ecologi to help them achieve their goal of 1 billion trees, the Majority Forest has planted over 400,000 trees and removed 124.47 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere! That’s equivalent to 94 long haul flights/109 metres of sea ice saved/308, 810 miles driven in a car.

Not only are we supporting reforestation in East Africa and Central America, but our contributions are also providing an eco-forward future for several other regions. This month we have supported Madre de Dios’s project to protect the old-growth rainforest in Peru. The Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) tree is one of the largest and longest-lived trees found in the Amazon and can grow up to 50m high and live for over 500 years. Known for their rich content of vitamins and minerals, the Brazil nut concessions project supports the community to produce reliable income through this passive harvesting. The project has built a new processing facility, expanding a formerly subsistence activity into a viable income source. Additionally, the community receive carbon finance income generated by the protection of the rainforest. Incorporated with the project is an outreach programme to help local communities understand the benefits of keeping the rainforest intact, including the benefits to the climate and to safeguarding threatened and endangered species. Our contribution has assisted to remove 11.04 tonnes of CO2.

Old Growth Rainforest in Peru. Image: Ecologi

Help Us Grow the Majority Forest

We want to continue to grow the Majority Forest and contributing towards Ecologi’s eco-forward projects which is why for each product we sell; we plant a tree. So, whether you want to bring the party to the park, make your podcast debut or binge-watch the newest show on Netflix, we’ve handpicked our favourite products for you to enjoy while you help combat climate change:

Majority Petersfield Go Pocket DAB Radio

Majority Petersfield Go Pocket DAB Radio

Whether you want to take your favourite radio shows with you on a run or check out a new radio station on your commute, the Majority Petersfield Go is the perfect accessory for the audiophile about town. With 20 presets, the rechargeable will keep the adrenaline pumping whether you’re hiking through the countryside or wandering around the city streets.   

Majority DX10 Speakers

Majority DX10 Computer Speakers

Pump up the volume to the home office with the Majority DX10 computer speakers. From podcasts to playlists, the DX10 is the number one solution for crisp audio without needing additional software.

Majority Eversden Shower Radio  

Majority Eversden Shower Radio

Between staring your day singing along to the biggest summer hits over the radio in the shower to slowing down on a Sunday evening in a relaxing bubble bath with a classic audiobook via Bluetooth, the Majority Eversden Bluetooth DAB Shower Radio is the perfect accessory for any bathroom! With its built-in rechargeable battery, the Eversden offers up to 15 hours of battery life to enjoy your favourite audio for hours on end.

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