International Day of Forests- Play and Plant

Sunday 21st March marks International Day of Forests, a day to remember the part forestry, both reforestation and afforestation plays in society and the environment.

Sunday 21st March marks International Day of Forests, a day to remember the part forestry, both reforestation and afforestation, plays in society and the environment. Whether we notice it or not, forests are vital for our survival. As the second-largest storehouses of carbon, forests absorb harmful greenhouse gases that produce climate change. Beyond the service forests provide to the environment, humans rely on forests for daily life such as food and medicine. Additionally, during natural disasters such as floods, forests can prevent further damage to livelihoods and by acting as a buffer and sometimes, a route to safety. The forestry sector equates to over 13 million jobs, making it vital for economical survival. Aside from financial growth, forests are home to 80% of animals living on land.

How do I get involved?

Whether you’re replacing trees that have been cut down or you’re growing a tree on untouched land, tree planting is one of most accessible ways to help the environment. With the growing concern over global warming and climate change, tree planting is one of the most talked about methods of dealing with global warming.

In today’s world, the rate at which trees grow naturally in forests is much slower than the rate at which trees in forests are being cut down for production. The increased demand for tree products has put pressure on deforestation. Planting more trees is helping alleviate the pressure on natural forests by providing an alternative source of tree products.

The Majority Forest: Planting a tree for every product sold

Play and Plant

To help fight the damage of global warming, we’re partnering with Ecologi to build the Majority Forest. Ecologi is on a mission to plant one billion trees, so for every product we sell, we’ll be planting a tree on Ecologi’s sites in Madagascar, Nicaragua and Mozambique. As of March 2021, the Majority has planted over 130,000 trees and removed 29.67 tonnes of CO2.

Listen to the Rainforest

Simply by shopping with Majority you can support the battle against climate change by having a tree planted in your name. In honour of World Forest Day, for every like this blog post gets 21st March, we will plant a new tree to celebrate the work that forests do for our daily survival.

Check out our top picks to support the environment on International Day of Forests

Majority RS Pro

Spread the word about tree planting on a podcast or even on YouTube with the Majority RS Pro. Featuring everything from pop filters to foam covers, the RS Pro delivers flawless vocals, plus comes with a lightweight carrycase for recording on the go.

Majority RS Pro Condenser Microphone Lifestyle Computer
Majority RS Pro Condenser Microphone

Majority Saxon Bluetooth Soundbar

Whether you want to catch up on your favourite planet documentaries or you want to know you’re helping the environment whenever you blast out the latest chart hits, the Majority Saxon Bluetooth Soundbar offers cinematic sound. The Saxon’s slim and sleek design is a great addition to any home entertainment set-up and offers a wide variety of connection options including Bluetooth and USB port.

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Take your favourite radio stations with you wherever you go with the Majority Petersfield Go Portable DAB Radio. The perfect companion for a morning of exercise, the Petersfield Go features 20 presets and a rechargeable battery. So, tune into your favourite local DAB or FM radio station and get the adrenaline pumping with this bag-friendly radio.

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