Happy Earth Day: We’re Going Green for Education!

One thing we’ve all learned in the past year is how much we all need our audio devices. With children back in school, the classroom is the number one place who will benefit from surround sound and quality audio to offer the children an outstanding education. With the days longer and the sunshining, timing couldn’t be more ideal for children to invest in their local community by showing some TLC to the environment. For some children, this is already a part of their daily routine and for others, this can be a new experience. To mark World Earth Day on the 22nd April, Majority are offering schools the opportunity to claim a bundle of audio products for their classrooms by raising awareness on how to live green.

From recycling tips to saving energy, all of us at Majority want to know how everyone is helping the environment. So, for every school that creates a poster with their favourite green tips to respect the environment, with the hashtag #EarthDayWithMajority we’ll plant 1000 trees in the school’s name.  Every school that participates, will receive the Majority Earth Day Special- a Bowfell Soundbar, DX10 Speakers and an RS1 Microphone.

Mr P

ICT Primary school teacher and social media sensation, Lee Parkinson aka Mr P, is known for his useful tips about using technology in the classroom. No stranger to a tech gadget, Instagram’s favourite teacher is helping us spread the word on the Majority Earth Day Special all over his social media to get as many schools to invest in the environment. Not only is he as enthusiastic as us about schools using Majority devices, but he’s also on board to get kids to insert the fun into eco-living with posters.

Mr P Instagram TV

Did you know?

The trees planted in your school’s name is a known effective way to support the environment. Trees lower the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere and to date, the Majority Forest has planted over 216,000 trees and reduced 29.67 tonnes of CO2.

Britain’s Next Great Artist

So, whether you’re a natural born illustrator, the next Leonardo da Vinci or a whizz in Photoshop, we want to see how green fingered you are, so your school can get equipped with the Majority Earth Day Special! Remember to use the hashtag #EarthDayWithMajority