Dolby Atmos Bluetooth Soundbar Review – The Majority Sierra

With more and more of us chasing adventures from fitness to gaming to the Great Wonders of the World, the Majority Sierra Dolby Atmos Bluetooth Soundbar offers a truly immerse home audio experience.


  • 4 Channels (1 x Left Channel Speaker; 1 x Right Channel Speaker; 2 x Airports)
  • 2.25” Up-firing Speakers
  • 2” Airports
  • Surround Sound Powered by Dolby Atmos Audio
  • 280-Watt
  • 5.0 Bluetooth Connection
  • Remote Control included
  • LED Display
  • Music, Movies, News & 3D Mode
  • HDMI In (x2), HDMI ARC, AUX-input, Optical & USB Connectivity
  • Stereo Channel
  • Materials: Plastic, PVC, Wood
  • Supported file types: MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA
  • Maximum Compatible Storage: 32GB
  • Dimensions: 4.8cm x 2cm x 0.8cm

Why does your home theatre need Dolby Atmos Audio?

Dolby Atmos offers state-of-the-art sound technology to deliver unparalleled audio. Putting the listener inside the audio experience, listeners will be able to clarify different moments simply by sound. This makes a Dolby Atmos ideal for any audiophile- enjoy films the way the screenwriter and director intended or experience the gaming world the way the designers and programmers envisioned it. Additionally, Dolby Atmos is a major asset for visually impaired people to be able to enjoy their favourite media. Taking the place of sight to follow the story, with the Majority Sierra Dolby Atmos Soundbar experience news reports as if you’re standing by Niagara Falls or immerse yourself in your favourite hits the way the musician intended it to be.

Multi -Connection including 5.0 Bluetooth Connectivity

Whether your passion is Sports, Sports and even more Sports or your life begins and ends with the PlayStation 5, the Sierra is designed to heighten your home entertainment experience, whatever that may be. The multiple connectivities including HDMI, and Optical means the Sierra is ready and willing to transform your audio experience across Gaming, Movies and Music plus more. The Sierra’s 5.0 Bluetooth Connectivity allows you to operate the sound system from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Connect via phone while you cook and fill the room with your favourite sounds.

Storytelling done right.

Be it music, audiobooks, film binges or even live news reports, the Sierra’s powerful bass and surround sound will transform how you consume information. With up-firing speakers and airports, the theatre-quality sound offers expansive audio and allows the listener to feel every sound. The customised sound setting allows you to choose between Movies, Music, Dialogue, and 3D Mode to pump up the bass as much as your ears can handle!

The Gaming Life

With 2022 dubbed to be the biggest year yet for PC gaming, now is the time to revolutionise your home entertainment setup. With the Sierra’s wireless subwoofer fill the room with your online game atmosphere and allow the Dolby Atmos Audio to encompass yourself in every piece of your virtual surrounding by placing sound in various places of the room.

Ideal for listeners with Vision Impairment

The detailed directional effects let the Sierra Plus place sound at specific positions, allowing a listener to identify what’s happening and where simply by sound. Effectively, sound acts as an additional character and becomes intricate to the home entertainment experience.

Let’s Get Loud

Boasting 280-Watts, the Sierra delivers sound till the furniture is vibrating! Delivering unrivalled volume, the Sierra is perfect for the audiophile who wants to experience every inch of their entertainment in every way possible. Offering a wide range of connectivity including HDMI, Bluetooth and Optical, transform any and every listening experience. From your favourite TikTok videos to the latest news reports, simply connect your device and enjoy your favourite media.

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